Keeper, killer

Posted: Friday, November 29, 2002

Your article on OxyContin was very informative. I am glad to see the local media finally addressing this problem more aggressively. But, if you dig a little deeper on the subject you will find some amazing information.

Did you know that per capita Alaska prescribes more OxyContin than any other state? So Dr. Jones' statement that we are under-prescribing in this state is false, or he is misinformed. There are thousands of people addicted to OxyContin in the state of Alaska, and they don't have cancer. And this state does not have the rehabilitation facilities to handle the fallout that will eventually come.

The facilities in Alaska at this time are mainly for alcohol, and do not know how to handle OxyContin withdrawal or rehab. Two years ago I had to go to a rehab and recovery center in Seattle to get off OxyContin (that was prescribed to me by a medical doctor) because the facilities here are not equipped. Also, how many people have recovered from OxyContin addiction in this state? Not many. The drug either keeps you or kills you, very few have come out on the other side.

Again, I appreciate your newspaper helping the public be more aware of this ongoing problem.

Jeannette Russell


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