Student wants general studies academy

Posted: Thursday, November 29, 2007

I am a Juneau-Douglas High School freshman.

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Next school year, the Mendenhall Valley high school will be made up of several "academies," each focusing on an interest theme, such as sports careers or the environment. (These are just examples. The actual themes have not yet been decided.) Juneau-Douglas High School will contain one academy next year and then phase more in.

I am not at all against academies. I think, for some students, this will be a wonderful way to follow specific interests. But others don't want to focus yet; I know I would hate to narrow my studies at all.

So I suggest that both schools have either the option for students to be outside the academy system, free to take any classes they choose, or a "general studies" academy, for students who wish to keep exploring many interests.

I sincerely hope that the revised high school system will include a place for people who wish to explore many interests, as well as those who would like to focus toward one passion.

Megan Behnke


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