Bring back the stapling of TV Week

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Apparently management of the Juneau Empire does not feel that adequate binding of the otherwise commendable TV Week section of the Sunday edition of the paper is important. This matter should not rise to the level of requiring a letter to the editor to effect a change. But so be it. We live in a relatively harsh environment where for many of us TV entertainment is very important. TV Week helps us to make our personal programming selections. The stapled binding of the TV Week section of the Empire is as important as that found in any book. Today's Sunday Edition of the Juneau Empire, Nov. 28, 2004, is composed of approximately 70 percent advertising bulk, and 30 percent actual news, sports and activities of special community interest. Surely the income derived from the advertising is more than enough to offset the expense of providing stapled binding to TV Week. This section of the Empire has been first-class. Why reduce it to mediocrity by not providing adequate binding?

John Donohoe


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