Juneau gas prices not going down

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I would like to know why it is that for the last six to eight weeks the gas prices across the nation has dropped so much but yet here we have not seen hardly a penny in reduction. What is the deal with that? All the gas stations in town don't seem to have any problem raising the price of gas at a moments notice (even though they paid a cheaper price for the gas in the tanks). And when it comes to reducing the costs, they take their sweet time - and in this case not at all!

What follows are some new clips from MSNBC News Services, dated Nov. 29, from the article "Consumer confidence comes roaring back."

"Just in time for the holiday shopping season, consumer confidence surged in November, boosted by a sharp drop in gasoline prices. 'A decline of more than 40 cents in gasoline prices this month and the improving job outlook have combined to help restore consumers' confidence,' said Lynn Franco of the Conference Board, who directs the survey.

"In September, confidence took its biggest one-month plunge in 15 years as gasoline prices soared to more than $3 a gallon and tens of thousands were left jobless in the aftermath of the storm. Since then prices have dropped sharply to a national average of $2.15 a gallon."

So I ask again, why are the gas prices the same as the day the first hurricane hit and why has the governor not done any thing about it?

Chris Watson


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