Difficult to believe 'shortage of rainfall'

Posted: Friday, November 30, 2007

I too am disgusted by the rate increase from Alaska Electric Light & Power Co. My monthly charge increased from $117.59 to $223.35.

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I find it difficult to believe that a shortage of rainfall in August is to blame for an increase considering the following data that is taken directly from the National Weather Service Web site.

April: 2.99 inches equals 0.03 inches above normal.

May: 4.27 inches equals 0.79 inches above normal.

June: 6.71 inches equals 1.51 inches below normal.

July: 6.71 inches equals 2.57 inches above normal.

August: 2.35 inches equals 3.02 inches below normal.

September: 9.09 inches equals 1.55 inches above normal.

October: 11.67 inches equals 3.37 inches above normal.

Overall, for the months of April through October, we had a surplus of 3.78 inches.

Now, where did the 197.8 inches of record snowfall melt off to?

Jon Torrella


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