Student artist in the spotlight: Scot Douglas

Posted: Friday, November 30, 2007

Age: 9.

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Grade: Fourth.

School: Gastineau Elementary School.

Art of choice: Acting.

Reason: "I'm sort of a shy person. I'm not sure why I like acting - but I do. Being in a play let's me practice speaking loudly, and I get to speak in front of people. I like speaking in front of small groups - one or two classes. I don't think I could do a play in front of the whole school!"

Experience: "Just this year."

All in the family: "My brother Ross was in a play (reporter researched: A Shakespeare collaboration with the Juneau School District drama program and Perseverance Theatre)."

Favorites: His mom says he loves to build amusement park models. He might be an amusement park architect someday.

Future plans: He laughed when it was suggested he might be a circus performer. "I just want to be a normal kid, like my brother Ross. He's a normal kid."

Activites: "I like to cook. My favorite thing to do on a Saturday is have friends come over to play in the park by my house. I also like hiking. I hike the Rainforest Trail because it goes all the way to the beach and I can play on the beach."

You should know: "I like spinach. I don't like rice."

His readers' theater teacher, Anni Stokes, says: "Scot is so attentive - He listens very well. He always gets his cues for the choral parts and has everyone "gulping" and "slurping" when they should be, in our play. He is very respectful of everyone he's working with and he cooperates. That makes him fun to work with. He's also very creative. When we pretend to whisper in the play, he thought to put his hand to his ear, without being told! He uses his body naturally to show feeling and meaning. In our upcoming production of the "Old Woman and the Tides," Scot plays the Eagle and wears a headress. He's made great progress practicing being loud enough. ... Scot's letter-writing teacher, Shirley, says she was very ipmressed with how many beautiful letters Scot wrote in long-hand last year. He wrote to his teachers and friends as well as letters to people out of town. She also noted he is very good at math!"

• Student Artist in the Spotlight is a weekly feature on the Neighbors page and is in collaboration with the Juneau School District Elementary Art Program. To have your student art included, contact your school office.

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