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Posted: Friday, November 30, 2007

Words don't do justice to deceased deacon

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Kathy Wakefield's passing is a tragic loss for her family, for Juneau and for the people that knew her. Words fail to do justice to this fine woman and dear friend, but I am compelled to try, despite my shortcomings.

Marlin Friedrich and I knew her well as a young woman and student at JDCC. Marlin was her academic adviser and I a friend.

She told us one day that she was going out to complete her degree. She had offers from Reed and Smith. Although we suggested Smith, she went there based on her perceptions of what was offered and where she wanted her education to take her. She completed her degree and returned to Juneau filled with energy, hope and ideas.

Marlin and I noted hers was an interesting life to watch because of a blooming devotion to her church and her strong sense of feminism. At her ordination, I felt those two strong, steeds pulling her spirit's chariot. She would serve her life's callings well, with intelligence and dedication. She did just that, as only Kathy could, with motivation, conscience, love and that bespectacled, cherubic smile.

When many of us leave this universe our presence is as a shadow on a wall. Kathy's presence, however, will remain etched in the minds and hearts of her family, friends, church and various communities she gave her life to. Her example is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto her life.

My grandmother said, on many occasions, that the good die young. This adage is certainly true in Kathy's case. As an exemplar for our community, her life was a beacon to all who knew her. Keep that light bright, for Kathy is a person worthy of our memory.

Lyle Hubbard

Dallas, Ore.

Thanks for helping us host our bridge tourney

Southeast Alaska Duplicate Bridge Unit 427 would like to thank the staff of the Taku ferry for their kindness and efficiency in helping us host the annual Ferry Bridge Tournament Oct. 26-30. Participants from Alaska and several other states enjoyed smooth sailing, good food and well-maintained accommodations. Thank you.

Morgan Landry

Southeast Alaska Bridge Unit 427


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