Governor's Mansion has been closed

Posted: Sunday, November 30, 2008

In response to the recent letter, "Palins can take a lesson from Obamas," I would like to remind readers that the Governor's Mansion has been closed for substantial periods of time for a massive plumbing project.

When the first family moved to Juneau in December 2006, major leaks were discovered in the residence's wastewater lines, which affected the first floor ballroom and library, the second floor master bedroom and the third floor bedrooms. Several historical pieces such as the grand piano, artwork and rugs were being exposed to irreversible water damage. The first family's main living areas were also exposed to water damage from the leaks.

This project was complicated and slowed by many unknowns, including the absence of any known blueprints for the structure's water lines, requiring project planners to make educated guesses about the location of pipes before opening walls to begin work.

The Governor's Mansion was closed from Sept. 19, 2007, through Jan. 18, 2008, as work commenced on phase one of the project. It was closed again on Aug. 11 and remains closed during phase two. Completion of first floor work will allow the governor to welcome guests to the Annual Open House on Dec. 9. The governor and first family look forward to returning to the residence when the remaining work is completed by late December.

Sharon Leighow

Deputy press secretary, deputy communications director

Governor's Office


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