Learning Lighting: 12 charter school students learn photography basics

Posted: Monday, November 30, 2009

Twelve sixth and seventh grade students from the Juneau Community Charter School's first exploratory class in photography now talk in terms of macro photography, perspective, lighting and lines.

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Madeline Handley, Sixth Grade
Madeline Handley, Sixth Grade

Charter school parent, former teacher and self-described hobbyist photographer John Krumm taught the students one hour a week for ten weeks, focusing on photographic technique, background, different types of lines, placement of the subject of the photo in the frame, colors, where the light is falling, and how to take a sharp photo indoors or outdoors.

"We learned about lighting," said sixth grader Madeline Handley. "It was fun because we got to walk around downtown."

Other students said they enjoyed learning "how to make cool lines," taking close-up, or macro pictures, and learning how to edit through Photoshop software.

For some of the pictures, the kids used Krumm's "enthusiast-grade" digital single lens reflex camera, but mostly they used point-and-shoots.

"What I'm teaching the students is pretty beginner stuff - mostly about being picky, for one thing," Krumm said. "In the end, you want something that you think is good."

Krumm said students took around 4,150 photos, selecting the best for viewing online.

Juneau Empire photographer Michael Penn selected nine of those photos for Empire publication.

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