Americans are invaders

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The war in Iraq has nothing to do with fighting terrorism or saving the Iraqi people. Let's start with al-Fallujah. Wounded civilians needing hospitalization are not allowed in hospitals located in Baghdad. Our soldiers guard the Fallujah hospital shooting anyone trying to enter. Many doctors and nurses are being shot down there. The Iraqis were told to flee. Yet, people fleeing Fallujah are shot. Only women and children are allowed to flee. If they choose to be separated from their families for the good of all - and are not shot by soldiers - there are tent camps where they do not have any warm clothes, or even clean water.

Remember, the Americans are the invaders. There are a small percentage of "insurgents" from other countries, but it is the Iraqi people who are fighting back. They have nothing left to lose, not even a future in their own country. The depleted uranium is slowly killing everyone: soldiers, civilians, insurgents, children and unborn babies who will be born deformed. In case this isn't enough, "we" are also using poisonous gas, and phosphorus weapons including napalm.

I'm not saying our soldiers are the evil ones. I do not blame the soldiers for what is happening down there. They were thrown into the situation. They do not know who is a civilian and who is an enemy, who is waving a white surrender flag and who is a flag-waiving suicide bomb. Anyone is a threat. In addition, 60 percent of our troops In Iraq now are reserves, as of November, with 43 percent being National Guard.

I got alot of this information reading what soldiers themselves have written. (Check out http://www.sftt. org/, "Soldiers for theTruth"). They are calling this war genocide. We went there for control of their oil, and because Hussein was going to switch from the dollar to the euro regarding oil. You just watch which countries we attack next.

By the way, I thought we were still waiting for the evidence of "weapons of mass destruction." I thought what we discovered was that Saddam would've gotten weapons of mass destruction if he could have, and surely planned to use them on us if we didn't attack him first.

Lisa Carlson


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