Mona K. Jackson


Posted: Thursday, December 01, 2005

Kake resident Mona K. Jackson died Nov. 9, 2005, at her home.

She was born to Lucy and Benjamin Ingram on Feb. 8, 1913, in Massett, British Columbia. Her dad died, and her mother married Luke Frank in Hydaburg. Luke had seven children, and Lucy had five. Mona was the last of the Ingram/Frank siblings. Born into the Tjets Gitanaay clan, Mona's Haida name was "Neunquii Gaay Giit Kei Neuns." She was also adopted in Kake into the Kaach.adi clan by Johnny C. Jackson, where her name was "Kaach Kat Xwaa."

Her first language was Haida, which she loved to speak. She started school when she was 10 years old at Sheldon Jackson and graduated from Ashville Normal School for Women Teachers College in Ashville, N.C., with a bachelor's of science degree. In 1939, she was sent to teach her first year in Kake, where she renewed her acquaintance with Thomas L. Jackson, whom she met while they both attended Sheldon Jackson school. The couple married in 1939 and had 14 sons, eight daughters, 54 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren, and seven great-great grandchildren. She taught for 36 years in Kake, from 1939-1976, in both the Kake School District and the Kake Headstart.

Family members said, "Mona will always be remembered for her love of family with Tommy Jackson. She opened their house to whoever needed, dedicated her life to teaching, cultural activities, The Salvation Army, and perpetuated the Haida language."

She was preceded in death by her parents, Lucy Ingram Frank and Benjamin Ingram; husband, Thomas L. Jackson Sr.; children, Thomas L. Jackson Jr.; and grandchildren, Daniel Lawrence Jackson and Jerry Gagnon.

She is survived by her children, Norman Jackson, Loren Jackson, Larry (Ellie) Jackson, Mike (Edna) Jackson, Gary (Julie) Jackson, Joel (Ann) Jackson, Myron Jackson, Lary Schaefer, Dave Arthur, Eric (Merridy) Magnusson, Mike (Renee) Kenney, Steve (Nancy) Andison, Paul (Marcia) Aceveda, Jada (Henry) Smith, Cheryl Evan, Della (William) Cheney, Renee (Henrich) Kadake, Sharon Valdez, Mary (Ned) Ortiz, Judy Owens and Emma Widmark; many grandchildren; and numerous cousins, nephews and nieces.

A memorial service was held Nov. 10, at the Salvation Army. Family contact: Cheryl Evan, P.O. Box 106, Kake, Alaska 99830; (907) 785-6473.

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