Credit where it's due

Posted: Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Thank you for your recent article highlighting the computer program Fast ForWord that the Juneau School District has implemented to assist children in learning. We are the parents of Thane Reishus-O'Brien, one of the children featured in the article. The reporter, however, did not include the credit Thane's classroom teacher also deserves.

Our child's success in this program is also due to the partnership that is shared between his classroom teacher, Brenda Weaver, and Phil Loseby, the teacher in charge of the Fast ForWord lab. As Thane's kindergarten and first-grade teacher, Ms. Weaver has provided the support and cooperation necessary to make this program successful. Both of these phenomenal teachers should be credited for his success in and out of the program.

Both fortunately and unfortunately, Thane's progress and recent test levels disqualify him from continued participation in Fast ForWord. However, this has created a unique opportunity for another child who can benefit from this incredible program.

It is also our hope that the Juneau School District will implement this program in every school in Juneau. Every child deserves an opportunity for success.

Sean O'Brien

Sue Reishus-O'Brien


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