The criminals are here

Posted: Tuesday, December 02, 2003


e again someone thinks my concerns are about the criminal element in Haines and Skagway. Look at Juneau's population, people. The criminals are here. A road is, indeed, freedom. Freedom to escape when someone has done wrong. Look at Juneau's sex crime lists and tell me we don't have pedophiles and rapists here. Then tell me that our children won't come up missing more than they do now if those criminals have a means of escape other than a ticketed plane or ferry. I couldn't care less about the abduction rate in Haines or Skagway, or even the length of road beyond them. I'm sure if anyone chose to abduct a child here the body would probably be dumped long before the border. Ignorance is bliss, I guess. I am not ignorant. I know the element we have in Juneau and I know that if they had a road to escape on, our crime rate - not Haines' or Skagway's - would definitely go up. Wake up, people. The criminals are here.

Rayda L. Renshaw


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