Weaken willful ignorance

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, December 02, 2004

Those who try to use government authority to enforce their personal practices of philosophy, religion and friendship actually betray and ridicule these beliefs and convictions. Such lawmaking efforts consequently become frivolous and unworkable. Why? Consider this: Did Jesus Christ lobby the Roman government to enforce attention to his preaching and ministry? No, he applied an ultimate tool over humanity: the free association of people setting effective examples of fair and ethical conduct that persuades similar conduct in others.

Now, our country's founders were predominately Christians - real respecters of Providence and freedom of conscience. So, like Christ, they didn't look to government to remedy general noncompliance to Biblical guidance for better living. And, like Christ, they didn't consider the force of law or government regulation of much use in bringing about personal moral fiber - necessarily self-generated - in individuals. Instead they founded our nation convinced that limited representative government was possible with four things resident in every American citizen. These are: 1) a hunger to use freedom of conscience and religion to produce personal moral fiber; 2) a hunger for effective knowledge to be informed enough to wield free speech and citizenship victoriously; 3) a hunger to use the nature and qualities of our form of government to help pursue happiness for oneself and for one's fellowships; and 4) a hunger for free citizen confederations at need to empower government efforts for rational justice and common defense. In my opinion, the cumulative hunger for these things will forever determine the quality of our leaders and government.

This holiday season, I pray that Almighty God weakens willful ignorance enough so more citizens and leaders can think about this.

Stuart Thompson

Auke Bay

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