Bobrick's lawyer releases McGuire phone messages

Nature of calls still in question

Posted: Sunday, December 02, 2007

ANCHORAGE - Convicted lobbyist Bill Bobrick's lawyer has released two telephone messages left by state Sen. Lesil McGuire.

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The messages confirm she did make calls reported in court Tuesday. However, the nature of the calls remains in question.

In a call Jan. 1 left on Bobrick's cell phone and the answering machine of his wife, Jessica Bury, McGuire sounds like she's trying to be Bury's friend in reporting that "some people" are saying bad things about her.

Bobrick was a key witness in the corruption trial last summer of McGuire's husband, former Rep. Tom Anderson. Bobrick's lawyer, Doug Pope, said in court Tuesday that McGuire's phone calls sounded like witness tampering.

In the phone messages, McGuire, R-Anchorage, clearly asserts that Bury's career would be jeopardized by what the unnamed people were saying about her.

"What this person said was not kind, it was awful, and they made an implication that could affect her potential medical career and I was very upset by it and I defended her," McGuire said on the message left on Bobrick's cell phone.

"But I would like to relay the information to her and the person that said it just so she's aware that there is this contingency of people that I would just simply say are hoping for her to not succeed."

Bury is in her third year of medical school in Minnesota and hopes to return to Alaska to serve as a doctor. McGuire is the daughter of prominent Anchorage orthopedic physician, Dr. David McGuire.

The recorded messages contradict two statements made by McGuire in an interview Tuesday with the Anchorage Daily News. In that interview, McGuire said she never mentioned anything medically related in the January calls. She also said she wasn't aware at the time that Bobrick was working for the FBI.

Bobrick said Thursday that though McGuire was trying to sound like a friend in the calls, her true intention was to intimidate.

"I took it as a direct attempt to influence my testimony about Tom Anderson's corruption," Bobrick said Thursday evening.

Anderson was convicted of seven felonies, including bribery. He starts his five-year prison sentence Monday.

The first of three related calls that McGuire made on New Year's Day was to Bobrick.

Before she even identified herself, McGuire asked him "are you recording this?" Bobrick said. He wasn't. He asked who it was; she said it was Lesil McGuire and that "Jessica needs to know some things that could affect her ability to get her license," Bobrick recalled Thursday. She wanted Bury's number in Minnesota, where she was attending Mayo Medical School.

Bobrick said he told her he was walking his dog and would call her back. He then called the FBI.

At the start of the second message, McGuire says she is not the subject of the FBI investigation.

"If anyone's listening to this recording, I have a feeling you're required to report who called here but I'm not in that category," McGuire said. "I'm calling you on a personal matter about Jessica. I left her a message but I would like an opportunity to talk to you about it. It's very disturbing and it could impact her, in a way, professionally that bothers me."

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