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Three cheers on our new Empire! It looks more "down south" than ever. And even more cheers for the appearance of the comic strip "Zits!" I am so excited!

Not wasting anything
I am only in my first semester of secondary education, and in the words of Ken Dunker, my mind is still mostly "mush." This in mind, I still know how to speak, and I hope you will listen. The words of the young should not be so easily discounted. I agree that my experience is limited, and I also agree that it could distort my vision. However, I know I am not blind.

High-tide phenomena
This week Juneau enjoys one of nature's most transforming phenomena: extreme high tides. On Wednesday at 12:33 p.m. we will have a 20.3-foot high tide. Familiar landmarks vanish as the rising water inundates grassy expanses and converts the normal boundaries of ponds and streams into one massive waterbody.

Voter turnout in context
An Empire article about the November vote got me thinking: What really was our turnout in Juneau?

Bold steps to inform
The residents of Juneau are watching the history of positive change for Juneau and Southeast unfold before their eyes as each daily edition of the Juneau Empire hits the doorstep at home. The Juneau Empire has taken a bold step and confronted sensitive issues related to the timber, mining, business, fishing, education, transportation, budget, healthcare, social service delivery, and governmental sectors, to name just a few.

Responsible reporting
Just because someone is a priest now days, it seems he is found guilty. Father Nash had not been investigated, tried or found guilty of anything and you print a front page story about him supposedly raping a young man.

A man of courage
When I read the allegations of sexual abuse reported to have been committed by Fr. Nash, I experienced many emotions: shock, hurt, anger. I felt sick and near tears that he was accused, tried and convicted in the newspaper.

Eternal enmity
It is heartbreaking to see you publicize, in bold headlines, the vile and uncorroborated allegations against my brother, Father Mike Nash. You have permanently and irreparably damaged the reputation of a good and holy man.

Bikes on the bridge
While crossing the Douglas Bridge last week on a typical dark, raining, windy evening, I noticed, thankfully, a person riding on a bicycle right next to my truck. You'd a thought the person, even with all the rain gear on, was out in the middle of a stroll down Sandy Beach.

From personal experience
I used to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana on a regular basis. I've since stopped drinking and partying because I've got kids to raise and just got tired of hangovers and the money being blown by drinking. In all the years I smoked marijuana, I never knew of anyone committing any crimes that involved marijuana intoxication.

Grant secures access to scout camp trail, wetlands
A federal grant should help put 148 acres of private land near the head of the Boy Scout Camp Trail and the Herbert River into public hands.

Due to a reporter's error, Monday's Empire article on the ferry system's online reservations system misstated what a percentage of projected ticket sales referred to.

Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Police and Fire
Reports by Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers.

This Day in History
In 1906, Frank H. Waskey was seated as the first delegate in the U.S House of Representatives from Alaska. He had, however, no voting power in Congress.

Woman allegedly raped at home
A woman allegedly was raped while she and her infant child slept in her bed in their downtown home over the weekend, police said today.

Where's winter?
Ullr, the Norwegian god of snow and a popular deity among local skiers and snowboarders, has not been benevolent to Juneau residents this winter. No snow has fallen here this season, breaking the previous record for late snowfall set in 1980, when snow fell on Nov. 20. Only one other November has been snow-free since 1943, and average snowfall in November is 12.3 inches.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Due to a reporter's error, John Weedman's name was misspelled in an article about non-traditional Thanksgiving meals that was published Nov. 27.

Sports in Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Knicks 125, Cavaliers 93
In New York, Allan Houston scored 29 points and Kurt Thomas had a career-high six blocks to go with 22 points as New York dealt Cleveland its 15th straight loss.

This Day in History
In Alaska; In the nation; In the world

Bicentennial celebration
Hundreds wait for a piece of birthday cake from the 4-by-8-foot cake upon completion of the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution Celebration held Sept. 17, 1987, at Centennial Hall.

Marine highway expands online services
In addition to making reservations over the phone or in person, travelers can now surf the Internet to sail the marine highway.

State Briefs
State employee pleads innocent; Fog lifts, flights resume; Grounded vessel nearly cleaned up; City Assembly funds sewer study; City schedules mini-bond sale;

UA, faculty at odds over pay
The union that represents about 40 percent of University of Alaska faculty said today contract negotiations have deadlocked over the issue of compensation.

Anchorage landmark store closes after 87 years of operation
ANCHORAGE - Kimball's Dry Goods Store, a landmark among Anchorage businesses, closed last month after 87 years of operation in downtown Anchorage and a century in Alaska.

Alaska gets a new governor
Juneau residents and other Alaskans filled Centennial Hall today to witness the swearing-in of Frank Murkowski as the eighth person to become governor of the state.

Yupik hunters face cultural conflict over proposed moose-hunting ban
Age-old Yupik tradition is running headlong into modern big-game management on the lower Kuskokwim River this winter as hunters grapple with a proposed cease-fire on moose.

Inupiat woman aims to open village eyes to AIDS
Health officials trying to stem the spread of AIDS among Alaska Natives are hoping an Inupiat woman will help crack the wall of silence about the virus in rural Alaska.

State looks at opening more land for farming
WASILLA - State officials are looking at two new projects to spur farming in Alaska, one near Kenny Lake just south of Glennallen and another near Big Lake. The two areas would open up thousands of acres. Both projects are backed enthusiastically by farmers, who say potential farmland is scarce.

Trial in baby killing delayed again; Amerada Hess selling pipeline share; Repairs to park could cost $1 million; 911 call leads to pot bust; Light quake near Tok; Teacher arraigned on student sex charge; Evergreen finishes Mat-Su gas wells

Murkowski freezes some state hires
Just hours after being sworn into office, Gov. Frank Murkowski issued administrative orders freezing hiring for some state jobs and out-of-state travel by state workers. He also called for performance audits for all state departments. Murkowski also issued an order appointing Attorney General Gregg Renkes to succeed Loren Leman as lieutenant governor if that office becomes vacant, putting Renkes in the governor's seat if anything happens to Murkowski and Leman.

Governor lauds Republican unity in state government
Gov. Frank Murkowski vowed Monday afternoon at his inauguration at Centennial Hall to live up to the state motto, "North to the Future."

Man sentenced to 25 years for crash
PALMER - A man convicted of second-degree murder in the drunken-driving crash that killed a little boy last year has been sentenced to 25 years in prison. John M. Knauss was drunk when he slammed into another vehicle on the Parks Highway near Wasilla, killing 5-year-old Floyd Mack Jr. on Nov. 27, 2001, and seriously injuring Linda Mack and her daughter Jeanette Seybert.

Seward plans to add hundreds of new boat slips
KENAI - A plan calls for adding hundreds of boat slips to the Seward Small Boat Harbor as well as improving services for boaters, city officials say. City officials hope the plan will reduce a long waiting list for slips and improve services to residents and visitors seeking access to Resurrection Bay, Prince William Sound and Kenai Fjords National Park.

BP Exploration compiles list of prospects for sale
ANCHORAGE - BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. has spent the last year marketing its exploration acreage on the North Slope of Alaska. As announced earlier, the company is investing its exploration capital elsewhere in the world, including the Gulf of Mexico.

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