Juneau doesn't own state government

Posted: Sunday, December 03, 2006

With all respect for my friend Mary Lou Spartz, I cannot disagree with her more on her expression that the inauguration of Gov.-elect Sarah Palin in Fairbanks is a slap in the face for Juneau. In fairness, in my life, I've been more prone than not to make passionate and impetuous remarks only to regret them later.

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One thing I've learned well through my work with leaders of governments is when I disagree with another person's views, I generally remain silent and listen until I become familiar with their perspective and have secured a relationship. When there is a relationship and I have a good knowledge of surrounding facts, then I speak my mind. Communication works much better in these circumstances.

To me it seems entirely appropriate, given the 50-year anniversary of the Alaska Constitution, that the inauguration be held in Fairbanks.

When I heard Dennis Egan, the son of former Gov. William Egan was invited to attend, I considered it an affirmative hand of outreach to Juneau. As a lifelong resident and former mayor of Juneau, I'm sure he'll represent our town most ably.

Juneau doesn't own state government. All the people of the Alaska do. I see the Fairbanks inauguration as an effort of outreach by the incoming administration and nothing more.

Regardless of which candidate you supported, please help welcome our new governor and her family to Juneau in December.

Terry Otness


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