Freedom of press brings responsibility

Posted: Sunday, December 03, 2006

I am renewing my Empire subscription with great hesitation.

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News of the world and community are important to my family and myself. Some standards and morals are required for respectful communication of news, events and community. The Hooligan and some of its topics have sunk below expected standards for respect and morals.

I believe in freedom of speech, but freedoms also come with responsibilities - a responsibility to respect those around us, a responsibility to make moral choices in the society we live in and a responsibility to use our skills to uplift our community in positive ways.

My family cannot look in the newspaper for local happenings, especially in theater and art, without being offended by topics and headlines unsuitable for children and their families. The children of our world today need good solid moral examples of respect, as they will inherit our community and its stewardship in the future.

Please reconsider the topics that are chosen for the Hooligan and the Empire. Please consider replacing the Hooligan staff with those who have a respect for community and our future.

I will reconsider renewing my subscription to the Empire and reconsider our support of businesses that advertise in the Empire and Hooligan.

Donna Leigh


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