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Posted: Wednesday, December 03, 2008

With great appreciation, the board of directors of Youth Vote Juneau says a very big thank you to the small army of individuals and organizations that made this year's mock student election so successful. Some 3,182 Juneau students in kindergarten through 12th grade cast ballots at their schools, more than double the usual number of students voting. About 85 percent of elementary students went to the polls on Nov. 3, and 53 percent of middle and high school students voted on Nov. 4. It's a massive undertaking, but we believe our program is important in helping educate students about the rights and responsibilities of living in a democratic society and instilling a positive voting habit in young people.

Without our wonderful financial donors and in-kind contributions from businesses, the program simply would not have happened. Thanks to: Juneau School District; League of Women Voters of Alaska Education Fund/Juneau League of Women Voters; City and Borough of Juneau; Juneau Empire; Capital City Weekly; KTOO; KATH; KINY; Reuben Willis; Copy Express; InterDesign; and SERRC.

Thanks to our volunteer poll workers who set up the polls, assisted the young voters, hand-counted the ballots and made sure everything ran smoothly: Joyce Thoresen; Tristan Bean; Becky Brooks; Valerie Watson; Barbara Belknap; Carrie Macaulay; Liz Perry; Martina Miller; Toren Ulrickson; Carrie Tacco; Brandi Fontana; Marie Olson; Tami Mulik; Kathy Hanna; Bev Gelston; Tom Koester; Sue Koester; Katy Jordan; Caitlyn McLaughlin; Pat Watt; Sarah Lewis; Jeanine Smith; Brenda Taylor; Catherine Reardon; Victoria Scharen; Adene Renkel; Lori Seymour; Jeff Cordle; Mariana Moreno Goodwin; Gastineau student helpers; Toni D'Amore; Jason Hort; Debbie Lowenthall; Sara Chambers; Christine Bryson; Carly Helgesen; Dick Fagnant; Mindy Barry; Vickie Williams; Heather Mitchell; Patty Newman; Ellen Story; Monica Gross; Colleen Jones; Linda Hay; Kristen Romanoff; Holly Cerne; Deborah Banaszak; Tracy Kubley; Sherri Wes; Russadell Buzard; Rhyan Holmes; Rosery; Jo Dahl; Kelsey Hauffman; Callie Conerton; Scott Funk; Rabina Maskay; Megan Behnke; Brian O'Sullivan; Kelsey Castagnola; Annie Bartholomew; Vera Hermano; Mary Gianotti; Sammy Alex; Lori Seymour, Nancy Eiler; Luke Eiler; DZ Student Council officers; Carla Sigler; and Jackie Kookesh.

Because we decided to move student polling places from precincts into each school, principals, teachers and school staff were essential to the program's success. Thanks to: Lori Hoover; Angela Lunda; Ted Wilson; Dave Stoltenburg; T. Anderson; Patricia Newman; Carmen Katasse; Barb Mecum; Tom Milliron; Bernie Sorenson; Patti Bippus; John Norman; JoAnn Jones; Paula Kalbrener; Nanci Spear; Cinda Stanek; Bobbie Wicks; Julie Leary; Cherry Eckland; Margie Beedle; Margie Hamburger; Angie Wright; Ellen Story; Carolyn Kelly; Sheryl Wittig; Tina Pasteris; Jamie Marks; Kristy Germain; and Gretchen Kreigmont.

And thanks to those who provided additional special assistance: Doreen Shaw; Lauri Wilson of the Alaska Division of Elections, City Clerk Laurie Sica; Matt Knutson; Chuck Collins and Adam Gottschlich; Bob Hale; Todd Vodnansky; Karen Wright; Pete Carran; Jeff Brown; Anouk Otsea; Conor Lendrum; Rik Pruett; Marjorie Menzi; Big Brothers Big Sisters; Juneau League of Women Voters; Spencer Lunda; Matthew Campbell; Marshal Kendziorek; Lori Grassgreen; Wendy Marriott of Centennial Hall; Juneau Economic Development Council; and Jamie Marks.

Marian Clough

Youth Vote Juneau board chair


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