Thanks for supporting me during my recovery

Posted: Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Five weeks to the day after my fractured femur front-end collision with a tree, I came home. Home to plants patiently waiting and somewhat thirsty, to a fire crackling in the wood stove, to a fridge full of food, and to photos of friends and family, all just as I left them on Oct. 7.

I spent that first week at Bartlett Regional Hospital after the ambulence ride (thank you, Tom Clark for pulling me out of the truck so carefully) and thank you to Bob Tamone for calling 911 and to Dixie Belcher who came right away and followed us to the hospital. That week is a blur of nurses and doctors and X-rays and CT scans and traction and pain and surgery and IV's and morphine and blood pressure cuffs and beautiful flowers and friends and phone calls and chocolate and learning how to use a walker. I want to thank doctors Alan and Monica Gross for their genius in the operating room. An operation that might have taken six hours took only two and the screws and plates went in with such precision and care.

Week two I was moved to the home of Bob and Elaine Schroeder. Bless their hearts for welcoming me into a house with no stairs and easy access to bed, bath, and baked goods. From my bedroom window I was able to watch fall turn into winter, slowly and steadily as my bone began to heal.

My daughter, Cadie, who could not be with me initially, conspired via e-mail with Laura Hosey to arrange "meals on wheels." Thank you, Laura. So many kind friends brought over sumptuous food and sat with me visiting and sharing of their lives.

I would like to thank Mary Ellen Arvold, Nancy Simpson, Barbara Lindh, Marilyn Holmes, Lawrence Lee Oldaker, Nancy Long, Steve Nelson, Diane Mayer, Joanna Goldman, Shar Fox, Bea Brooks, Eileen Hosey and Meadow, Janice and Larry Schultz, Tom and Sue Koester, Nanci Spear, Ann Foster, Shar Smith, Patty, Janna, Jim Simmard, Gladi Kulp, Steve Wolf, Glen Ray, Nancy and Rose Seamount, Claire Richardson, Sue Sloss, Nick Coti, Kyle Parson-Willingham, Skip Shiel, Richard Steele, David Job, Fran Polumsky, Ric Iannolino, Barbara Swedell, Theresa Hura, Malia, Richard Eaton, Hospice and Home Care, the wonderful nurses and CNA's at Bartlett, Pam Walling, John Staub, Forest Wagner, Linda Wendeborn, Susan Wylie, Betsy Brenneman, Sylvia Gard, my physical therapist Chris Chiles, Ken Wheeler, Debbie Carter, Beret Barnes, Robin Hiersche, Wally and Cindy Roman, and my son, Jim, for calling me every single day for a month.

If I have forgotten anyone I sincerely apologize. The people listed above fed me, gave me body work, cut my hair, bathed me, split kindling, stacked wood, drove me to physical therapy, built hand rails, walked with me in the pool, housed me, cared for me in so many ways. Friends and family who don't live in Juneau have sent me cards and e-mails and flowers and love and light and it all has added up to a remarkable recovery.

My gratitude cup is overflowing. The generosity and love of this community has touched me deeply. Thank you to each of my extraordinary care givers. I have no pain. I am happy and content. I love you all.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Linda Buckley


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