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Posted: Monday, December 04, 2000

Word of Mouth gives readers a forum to express opinions on a variety of issues by telephone. Calls must be limited to one minute and we reserve the right to edit calls for clarity, length and libel. The number to call in 586-4636. Then press 8255 to leave your message.

I love the Christmas tree in the wetlands. Thank you to whoever gave this gift to Juneau.

Many thanks to the people who decorated the little tree in the field across from Fred Meyer and put the gaily wrapped packages under it. God bless you, you've made my Christmas.

Why can't the city afford to buy Eaglecrest some snow?

I just wanted to say how wonderful the lights at the Governor's Mansion are this year.

Sealaska bonuses are supposed to be tied to performance. Sealaska made no profit this year and yet they give themselves bonuses. Something is wrong.

Change machines, including those at the Post Office, need to be updated to accept the new style paper money.

Thanks to Juneau Empire and Papa Murphy's for keeping us up to date on Carlos Boozer and the Duke Blue Devils.

Reading about the 7-year-old Boy Scout who lost $300 at the Sitka McDonald's brought me to tears. Forget finders-keepers. Who would steal from an innocent child? Please give it back, whoever you are.

I am a resident of Second Street in Douglas and I am disgusted by the way people race off the highway down Second Street before slowing down to go to their homes on Beach Street because there's a bump there. Please slow down, it's dark and there are children around.

Here is my message for the national Republicans and the national Democrats. Act with honor. Four years is not a long time.

Al Gore owes Communist Red China money. If he doesn't get in office so he can do a payback there's probably something going to happen to him from China.

The entire nation should boycott all voting until they do away with the Electoral College.

If Gore or Bush wins, it will demonstrate that democracy works. We can be glad that our system chooses a president by election or with courts intervening rather than by the military intervening.

I am so disappointed that GCI took off The Learning Channel and TBS.

I think the Knowles administration is in denial about the pervasiveness of harassment in the state workplace.

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