Business Profile: Lonnie Khmelev
Title and firm: Lonnie A. Khmelev, 24, is the owner of Affordable Auto Sales, a Lemon Creek area car lot. His partner is Jeremiah Beedle, 22.

Deck the halls
Charlie Detjen paints and sells Ukrainian Easter eggs, but some of what he sells end up on Christmas trees. "I tailor them for the Alaska market and the Christmas market, so I do birds and whales and puffins and Alaska scenes, and whatever seems to be hot," he said.

State develops seafood niche market in Korea
The Division of International Trade & Market Development recently announced the results of a two-year campaign to introduce Alaska seafood to deluxe hotels in Seoul, capital of South Korea, and other Korean cities.

In the Tank
A look at gas prices around town.

Pipeline builders knew it wasn't bulletproof
The people who built and approved the trans-Alaska oil pipeline knew before it was done that a bullet from a hunting rifle could punch a hole through the half-inch metal. That possibility drew little concern, however, because officials also concluded the pipe itself could be quickly repaired and was impossible to completely guard from sabotage anyway, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported Monday.

Business Briefs
BaCar's restaurant to stay open; New billiards parlor debuts; A primer on going into business; Learn how to minimize taxes; Sears store now offers contract sales; Rainbow stocks Chanukkah accents; Shop posts winter hours; Hotel association changes name; Conference scheduled for Anchorage; Japanese magazine features Alaska salmon

Native payrolls fuel part of Southeast's economy
Native corporations created by the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act have a decided impact on Southeast's economy - especially in rural areas. Despite layoffs and financial problems, the corporations continue to provide jobs for hundreds of the region's residents.

Why attack Shanti?
"Juneau leftists" are not the only ones, it seems, with time on their hands for propagandizing. I have to wonder, though, why attack Shanti? Maybe it was the film, "Chocolat Babies?" I can't speak about the film, but the worst you could say is that, possibly, Shanti made a bad choice for raising money; surely that would hurt them a lot worse than anyone else.f

Confusing the issue
I am very curious where Mr. Schmitz got his figures that he quoted in Sunday's letter about Shanti. If the "CDC" he referred to is indeed the Centers for Disease Control, then he would see that there is a whole section on the CDC Web site devoted to the importance of school-based programs being critical for reaching youth before behaviors are established.

Explore alternatives
I'm getting pretty tired of the senator from Alaska, my home state, proposing the sell-out of my children's future to pad the pockets of he and his billionaire buddies. But I'm even more remiss with his smug insistence that the majority of Alaskans support this view!

Around Town

Juneau man pleads no contest to rape charge
A man accused of brutally raping and beating a woman while holding her captive in an abandoned downtown house in April pleaded no contest today to a charge of felony sexual assault.

Local Briefs
IFA gets money for second ferry; Snowfall may lead to Eaglecrest opening

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Photo: Waiting for snow
Chase Gould, 12, practices his snowboarding jumps on the ice Saturday at Twin Lakes. Eaglecrest Ski Area has not opened for the season yet, but frigid temperatures and no snow created ideal conditions for ice skaters on area lakes this weekend. Several inches of snow fell by this morning.

Woman gets 45 days for forging Egan's name
A woman accused of signing former Mayor Dennis Egan's name to checks and depositing them in her checking account was sentenced Monday in Juneau Superior Court to 45 days in prison.

Assembly mulls city appointments
Juneau Assembly members reappointed three people to the Planning Commission on Monday, but will spend more time discussing appointments to the Bartlett Regional Hospital board of directors.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Planners test possible tourism scenarios for capital city
Planners are floating five visions of Juneau's tourism future that range from doing nothing to actively managing the benefits and drawbacks of cruise and destination travel.

Calls waiting: Phone competition to begin
Competition in local phone service will start in Juneau next month, says Ronald Duncan, president of Anchorage-based General Communication Inc.

Pt. Retreat transfer OK'd
The federal government will convey 1,505 acres of land at Point Retreat to the Alaska Lighthouse Association subject to certain conditions, under provisions of an appropriations bill approved by a U.S. House and Senate conference committee.

Photo: Snow slide
Dyann Myers and her 3-year-old son, Kevin, enjoy a quick ride on fresh, dry snow Monday afternoon at Twin Lakes. More snow is in the forecast this week. michael penn / the juneau empire

Police and Fire
Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers reported:

Shooting victim gets protective order
A business owner who was wounded by a gunshot while walking to her car in the Nugget Mall parking lot last month has received a protection order against her husband.

Local Briefs
Couple missing overnight is rescued; Harborview changes before school board; Assembly reviews Planning appointments

Top Cover Christmas concert set for Thursday
Rock and roll Christmas music, traditional holiday favorites and pop hits will be featured in a concert Thursday night courtesy of the U.S. Air Force.

Assembly cancels Valley land purchase
The Juneau Assembly on Monday de-appropriated funds to purchase land from Faith Lutheran Church, but the debate might not be over.

Forum asks teens how Juneau can help its youth
What would happen if every adult in Juneau went back to school for a day to experience what students face on a daily basis? Doing so could help improve the lives of Juneau's youth, according to some participants at a forum discussing ways the community can better assist its youth.

Photo: Celebrating name day
brian wallace / the juneau empire

Israel's weekend of terror
The horrific terrorist attacks by Palestinian extremists against Israelis over the weekend were as terrible as any the country has seen. The deliberate massacre of children who gathered on a pedestrian mall Saturday night in Jerusalem, as well as of the Israeli Jews and Arabs who sat side-by-side Sunday morning on a Haifa bus, offered gratuitous and grisly proof of the implacable inhumanity of terrorism, and the necessity of concerted action by civilized countries to eradicate it.

Enron's fall
Enron's collapse is by some measures the largest bankruptcy in history, and the list of victims will be long. Shareholders have already seen the value of their stock evaporate. Banks that lent to Enron will lose millions. Most unfairly, employees who now risk joblessness may also lose their retirement security, since many had 401(k) retirement plans invested overwhelmingly in Enron stock. But there might just be a silver lining in Enron's implosion, for it may bring an overdue revolt against conflicts of interest at stockbrokers and audit firms.

My Turn: Bipartisan plan is best for businesses and workers
It's no secret that the business community and labor unions often don't see eye-to-eye on most issues. The devastating terrorist attacks Sept. 11 united business and labor behind the twin goals of bringing justice to the perpetrators of this heinous crime and getting our economy moving again.

My Turn: Shanti's mission is health education
I would like to thank Mr. Richard Schmitz for his letter concerning Shanti of Southeast Alaska. As sitting president (and a heterosexual male) of Shanti of Southeast Alaska I find his words amusing. He obviously has not done his homework on the subject of HIV/AIDS worldwide or its presence within Alaska.

Sports In Juneau
Friday, Dec. 7

Boozer leads Duke past Clemson
Duke is looking for a haymaker, but so far the top-ranked Blue Devils have only been able to land jabs. The undefeated Blue Devils got 23 points from Carlos Boozer, 19 from Jason Williams and 15 from Mike Dunleavy in a 96-80 victory over Clemson, which turned the ball over 22 times.

Olympic torch starts trek to Salt Lake
Muhammad Ali sent the Olympic torch on its two-month journey to the Winter Games in Salt Lake City after a welcoming ceremony today in the last U.S. city to hold the games.

Sports In Juneau
Information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

State Briefs
Pioneer environmentalist dies; Victim's rights advocate dies; Robbers injure elderly couple

Plan may include taxes, PFD cap
More than a third of Alaska's 60 legislators have agreed to use new revenue proposals including a cap on permanent fund dividends, a sales tax and an income tax as a launching pad for coming debates about the state's financial hole

Tulsequah Chief mine back in spotlight
The Knowles administration worries that Alaska's borders aren't secure from acid and toxic metal drainage from a British Columbia mine.

Ayers to leave Knowles' office
Jim Ayers, chief of staff to Gov. Tony Knowles for seven years, announced today that he will resign effective Jan. 4.

Some SE towns suffering economic distress
Juneau's economy has been doing fairly well in the past decade, unlike the rest of Southeast Alaska, according to an analysis by a Juneau research and consulting firm.

Eielson personnel deployed in wake of attacks
Eielson Air Force Base personnel are seeing their first large deployment since the Sept. 11 attacks, but Air Force officials are not giving any details about where they've been sent or what their duties are.

Joe Geldhof pitches road compromise
Joe Geldhof says a road could be built to increase access to Juneau. But Geldhof, a Juneau attorney who fought against the road alternative on last year's municipal ballot, doesn't want the road to go from the current terminus at Echo Cove up to Skagway.

Munoz announces race for Elton's seat
Former Juneau Assembly member Cathy Munoz announced this morning that she will be a Republican candidate for the state Senate.

Kenai group memorializes firefighters with mountain
The Kenai Firefighters Association is honoring firefighters killed in the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York with a memorial mountain.

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