Drugs aren't the answer

Posted: Wednesday, December 04, 2002

In response to the rebellious attitudes of many who are determined to preach their wicked, selfish ways to so many innocent souls out there, I am compelled to confront this justification that has arisen lately in our community. Are we so gullible and naive to accept this preaching that drugs are so good for the better of society?

Many wicked ones here want us to believe that marijuana is such a good drug for society that they promote their destruction in heavy doses through our media. This tool (the media) is abused in portraying the need to legalize marijuana through the blindness of those who seek after a headline to keep their pockets lined. This isn't a new subject, but rather a headline for the love of money. Those trying to get this drug legalized love this media attention.

When will those who preach that they love us all so much stop promoting the drugs? Whether it be alcohol, marijuana or tobacco, it is still considered to be a drug. If you do love me then why do you promote these horrible things that destroy me and the people that I love so much? The media is the ones that begin the promotion and the rest of us approve of it. We need to join together to destroy these works of the devil and begin to lead each other in ways that will help all mankind to prosper. A man cannot prosper when he is spending his hard-earned money on drugs. If you think that the use of these drugs is so joyful, then you need to visit the shelters, jails, prisons and mental health clinics that we spend so much of our taxes on each year. Ask these that are so bound up through these drugs if their drugs are such a good thing.

Many of us also don't realize that these drugs put us in a spiritual bondage that only Jesus Christ can set us free. Brethren, Christ is your answer for today. Love one another, don't destroy one another. Promote love, not drugs.

John Covington


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