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Posted: Wednesday, December 04, 2002

...for your efforts.

The Juneau-Douglas High School Site Council, an advisory and decision-making group composed of parents, community members, students and staff, is writing to publicly express our appreciation to police officers Wilson, Hatch, Comolli, Haight and Hernandez for their efforts in making our school community and nearby grounds safe and healthy. We are grateful for their efforts to regularly patrol the area around our school.

A few weeks ago these officers made a concerted effort to send a clear message to students that illegal activities near school premises will not be tolerated. We urge the police department to maintain this strong enforcement effort. Some students need a strong deterrent and a ready "excuse" as to why they need to be straight. Parents of our students expect appropriate and safe behaviors at the high school. Police help is crucial to enforcing this.

Thanks to the officers for their efforts to make JDHS a safe high school.

Andi Story

Chair of the JDHS Site Council

...for your cooperation.

Last Friday night those of us fortunate enough to live in Juneau previewed a documentary about the Princess Sophia at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center Theater. The turnout far exceeded our expectations and by 6:30 p.m. the theater was overflowing. A second show was quickly put together for 8 p.m. to accommodate the rest of the crowd.

It was a lovely night at the Glacier and many "waiters" went for a walk in the moonlight. Others spent time visiting with friends and looking at the shipwreck artifacts on display in the center's great room. Time passed quickly and the second showing was almost as full as the first.

The crowd's reaction to the presentation was overwhelming. The show was free to the public and would not have been possible without the enthusiastic help of local agencies and merchants. This cooperation is a fine example of the community spirit that exists (I think) only in Juneau. We would like to thank: Alaska State Museum, Capital City Weekly, Eco-Nova Productions, Juneau-Douglas City Museum, Mendenhall Glacier Visitor's Center, Perseverance Glass, Rayco Gun Sales, Rick Martin, Lloyd Mitchell, Tani Bell, the Sea Hunters and the Vancouver Maritime Museum. A special thanks goes to Juneau poet Fiona Campbell for her poignant reading of "Shipwreck Sea."

John and Su Lachelt


...for your hard work.

This is just a letter to thank everybody who did their very best to make sure that this year's College Fair was the very best it could be. Special thanks go out to, all the student hosts, The Hangar on the Wharf, Alaska Native Brotherhood, Timberwolf Ventures Inc., Princess Tours, all JDHS staff members and all the parent volunteers. These people gave time, space and money without asking for anything in return. Thanks to them we had more than 90 college/career options attend College Fair, providing futures for many students at JDHS. We could not possibly do this without you.

Barb Conant and National Honor Society

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