Electric heat needs relief
While I appreciate the Juneau Assembly looking to provide some relief in fuel costs for those of us suffering from the sticker-shock of a diesel fill-up, and possibly including propane and wood fuel in a proposed resolution ("Chamber asks for fuel tax relief," in the Juneau Empire on Nov. 27), why are home owners who rely on electricity as their primary source of heat excluded?

Is building the road progress?
Chris Watson's letter on Nov. 22 is both interesting and amusing. His reason for the road being built is progress. Who can be against that? Where would one draw the line?

Access road would be a waste of money
People have differing opinions on issues ranging from matters of war and peace to matters of roads and ferries. And some people base their opinions on facts.

Set off land for off-road vehicles
I am 13 years old and an eighth-grader at Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School here in Juneau. I have lived here all my life and find Juneau fascinating and beautiful. I am lucky to live here.

Maintaining hope, even in November
You can tell the days are getting short in Juneau when you read My Turns titled, "Why Try? It may be Hopeless." (Nov. 27) Yikes. Somebody plug in the Seasonal Affect Disorder lights.

What have we come to in this state?
I respect Gov. Sarah Palin for her frank opinion and open comments concerning the court's throwing out a law requiring a minor child to have parental consent to seek an abortion.

Poll should ask a different question
The Empire's front page article regarding the Juneau access road reported on the wrong poll. The newspaper should have reported the results of a recent poll taken by Juneau Rep. Andrea Doll. That poll shows that 68 percent of Juneau residents support construction of the road.

Photo: Cold Snap
Runa Skeie, a foreign exchange student from Norway, tries to keep warm Monday as she waits for a bus on Glacier Avenue. "I like it when it's not raining," Skeie said. The temperature was a frigid 5 degrees in downtown Juneau. Today's forecast calls for increasing clouds and a high of 18.

Photo: Holiday fundraising
Sherry Drake, right, buys some raffle tickets from Pam Thompson of the U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officers Association on Sunday at the Nugget Mall. Raffle ticket sales benefit the Juneau Senior Citizen Holiday Dinner.

Weather wreaks havoc on ski plans
A dry November and two days of high winds this week withered hopes that Eaglecrest Ski Area would open on time this Saturday.

Boy Scouts work to replace cabins at Eagle Beach camp
Boy Scouts of America launches a plan to expand its operations at Eagle Beach this week.

A photo cutline on page A4 of Monday's Empire misidentified the photographer. Carrie Hulse submitted the photo of a rescue dog digging in the snow during a SEADOGS training session.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported

Around Town

Photo: Miniature wonderland
Charlotte Richards of the Capital City Republican Woman Volunteers sets up a tiny Christmas tree Saturday in the observatory of the Governors Mansion as part of a miniature display. The group is decorating to prepare for an open house on Dec. 14.

City at impasse over sewer project
The Juneau Assembly could not muster the eight out of nine votes required Monday night to override a Local Improvement District 97 vote against a landowner payment formula for the city's $4.5 million sewer expansion project.

Photo: Capsized on land
A skiff is tipped over after a blast of windy weather Monday next to First Street in Douglas. The owner was waiting for the high winds to calm down before turning it over to put it back on its trailer. The strongest gust of wind recorded in the Juneau area near sea level was 68 mph at 8:40 a.m. in south Douglas.

Photo: Taming the mind
Khentrul Lodro Thaye Rinpoche, a Tibetan monk, shares a laugh with the audience Sunday during his speech about "The Seven Key Points of Mind Training." Rinpoche conducted a two-day retreat, "Taming the Wild Horse of the Mind," at the Tlingit and Haida Vocational Training Center.

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported

Rescue Tradition
A simple mishap in Juneau's rough backcountry can land even the most experienced person in a dangerous situation, setting off a chain of events from which they could never escape by themselves.

Around Town

Kensington to submit application for permits
Coeur Alaska is expected to apply for permits for a new paste tailings plan for the Kensington gold mine in the next few weeks, according to Juneau Mayor Bruce Botelho.





Charles F. Stedman
Former Juneau and Sitka resident Charles F. "Chuck" Stedman, of Sacramento, Calif., died Nov. 25, 2007, of lung cancer at Sitka Community Hospital while visiting for Thanksgiving with relatives. He was 76.

Outside editorial: The 54 percent who want troops back ASAP are right
The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press reported this week that Americans are more upbeat about the war in Iraq than at any time in the last 14 months.

Outside editorial: Saudi whiplash
Saudi Arabia's foreign minister, Saud al-Faisal, basked in praise and attention from the Bush administration at last week's Annapolis peace conference.

My Turn: Creating rural jobs while saving the Alaska soul
Fourteen people showed up at Elfin Cove's community potluck Thanksgiving dinner. This was somewhat surprising because the year-round population of the isolated Southeast community had dropped off to single digits in recent years.

My turn: Trapper sheds light on beavers
As an experienced trapper in taking beavers under the ice, I can shed a bit of light on this situation. It is my opinion most beavers are snared under the ice due to the cost of snares making them more economical than traps (No. 330 Conibear trap is an expensive trap), and traps are heavier to carry than snares.

My Turn: High cost of living not restricted to the Bush
I read the article in the Empire about the noble effort by the Legislature wanting to help low income homeowners with the high cost of heating oil and have some comments regarding this.

Boozer elected into AK Sports Hall of Fame
Carlos Boozer, a 1999 graduate of Juneau-Douglas High School, is among this year's inductees into the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame.

Photo: Juneau Jugs
The Juneau JUGS have successfully completed their 60-mile walk in San Diego to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which supports breast cancer research and philanthropic efforts.

State's constitutional hurdles leave parental consent issue in limbo
Pro-choice advocates are skeptical that recent moves by state lawmakers will be successful in changing the Alaska Constitution to require parental consent for underage teenagers seeking abortions.

This Day in History
In Alaska, in the Nation and the World

Alaska Digest
Mayor asks board to reinstate snow dump; Jury convicts couple of firearms violations; Road project critics hold presentation; Education board seeks commissioner; State department hires new executive

Man charged with murder in day-long spree
Police have arrested a 28-year-old man accused of murdering two people, including his father, and injuring three others in a day-long series of gun and machete attacks in two Alaska cities, authorities said Monday.

Scandal keeps company from gas line bid
A major Midwest energy company said it did not submit an application to build a natural gas pipeline tapping Alaska North Slope reserves because of criminal investigations of state politicians, performance lapses by a major oil producer and other factors.

Fairbanks' City Council discusses police practices
Police assistance from state and federal law enforcement is up for discussion in Fairbanks.

Alaska Digest
High wind warning in effect today; Committee opposes restrictions on guides; Man convicted in Anchorage shooting; Regents mull Yup'ik language degree; Prosecutors say Kott deserves 10 years; Unemployment tax rate lowest in 28 years; Police: Anchorage crash kills one man; Alaska man sentenced for passport fraud

Health care plan readied for lawmakers
A team of experts Gov. Sarah Palin asked to study Alaska's growing health-care problem is setting some ambitious goals and proposing modest steps to get there.

This Day in History
In Alaska and in the Nation

As fuel costs rise, rural Alaska looks at alternative energy
The historic gold mining community of Nome is just 140 miles south of the Arctic Circle and for much of the year, it's cloaked in darkness or clouds.

Native corporations form coalition to stimulate growth
More than 100 Alaska Native village corporations have banded together for the first time in a bid to stimulate their economic growth.

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