Poll should ask a different question

Posted: Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Empire's front page article regarding the Juneau access road reported on the wrong poll. The newspaper should have reported the results of a recent poll taken by Juneau Rep. Andrea Doll. That poll shows that 68 percent of Juneau residents support construction of the road.

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Apparently, the Alaska Transportation Priorities Project, Southeast Alaska Conservation Council, thinks that transportation projects should be approved by statewide polls. Or do they believe only Juneau needs this assistance? Did they ask if the Second Crossing should be built? Would they like the project at Sunny Point to be stopped because we didn't get poll approval? If this group is really concerned about what the rest of the state thinks about transportation in Southeast, they need to take another poll.

The poll should ask this: The state of Alaska currently pays $2 out of every $3 it costs to transport passengers and vehicles on the Marine Highway System. Do you support continuing this subsidy of more than $100 million per year, or do you think that money should be spent on projects in your area?

Rick Urion


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