Is building the road progress?

Posted: Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chris Watson's letter on Nov. 22 is both interesting and amusing. His reason for the road being built is progress. Who can be against that? Where would one draw the line?

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Would it be at moving from Juneau to Anchorage, so Alaska wouldn't need a half-billion dollar road at all, and with that savings and the money saved by people not having to go to Juneau at all except for social reasons. Why, that sounds like progress, too.

Why, with the money saved the state of Alaska could set up a separate permanent fund type of account for residents that would send every one of Alaska's legal residents a couple of tickets for the ferry every year. It might even be cheaper that way than having to pay the toll (I've heard that according to the marketing folks it'll be $49.95 - each way) on the road to Skagway, not to mention the other unseen and publicly covered costs that the road will continue to require for a very long time.

It really sounds like what Watson would like is an end to the argument (who doesn't?) and a lot more of the kind of convenience like people in the rest of the United States have. You're in half in luck. The convenience part is only a plane ride away. A permanent fund dividend check will cover it.

Douglas Lucchetti

Roswell, Ga.

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