Gore showing his big spending ways


Posted: Tuesday, December 05, 2000

I wonder what it is costing Al Gore to pursue his litigation in Florida? And is he paying for it himself, or is this being paid by our taxes, or is the Democratic Campaign Fund paying for it, or...?

I wouldn't be surprised if the legal fees for all this quarreling and wrangling have not come close to equaling the entire cost of the election campaign itself. Has there been an assessment?

We can see by the way Mr. Gore has conducted himself during this period since Nov. 7, that he would not be a good leader of our country. For one thing, he follows poor advice, rather than making up his own mind and being guided by his conscience. (Actually, if he has a conscience, he does not appear very conscientious.) For another, he spends far too much time quibbling over trivia rather than getting involved in substantial issues. And thirdly, he is too quick to spend valuable time and money in lawsuits, rather than in the more serious and productive arena of public administration.

If he were America's leader, the prospect ahead of us would seem dangerous and uncertain, not only because he might bankrupt us by hiring too many lawyers, but also because he might keep the courts so tied up they could not attend to other matters.

As a Christmas shopper, he would need someone beside him with a tight hand on the purse strings, to open or close, depending on if he were out to get himself a jelly roll, or intended to give away a golden Rolls.

Don Adams


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