Little Flower Cabin scheduled for dedication

Posted: Wednesday, December 05, 2001

The Little Flower Cabin, just completed and available now for reservations by individuals, couples, families or small groups, will be dedicated by Bishop Michael Warfel on Saturday, Dec. 8 from 1-3 pm.

Anyone interested in partaking in the dedication or in visiting this cabin during these hours is welcome to attend.

The Little Flower Cabin was named after St. Therese of Lisieux, the Shrine's patron saint and the meaning is quite significant. One time when Therese was young, her father picked a white flower and compared Therese to that simple yet beautiful flower. St. Therese never forgot how lovingly her father spoke to her and he gave credit to God for her innocence and openness to love. She came to realize over a period of time that her gift to others would be the simple, yet profound act of truly loving in the Little Way. St. Therese said it is not the "bigacts" of love that we need to focus on, but on the "little acts", those small daily ways we can help this world be a better place by being a bit more thoughtful, a bit less touchy, a bit more open to listening to another, and to realize that it is in giving in the little way that one truly receives.

The Little Flowr Cabin came about mainly through the donation of Vivian Kirkevold in memory of her late daughter, Heidy Kirkevold. It is meant to be a place where people, couples in particular, can come to be renewed in relationship as they retreat and overnight in the natural beauty of woods and scenic water views. It was designed by architect Rich Conneen and constructed overlooking the Breadline Waters by Chilkat Custom Construction owned by Carrie and Tom Dragt.

The Little Flower Cabin has a unique structural design and it is made up of an entry room with a stained glass inner window, a modern kitchen with refrigerator, sink, gas stove, and an island and counters that are marble topped. A modern bathroom with a tub and shower adds comfort to this impressive cabin. From the kitchen one enters the inviting dining area with an octogonal-like ceiling which leaves one impressedwith the craftsmanship that was needed to complete this feature. Moving from the dining room the person enters into the living or gathering roomwhich has a welcoming gas fireplace and from high above the ocean surface the occupant can drink in an outstanding panaramic view of the beautiful Inside Passage. And, as one tires, off to either side of the gathering room one can find two comfortable bedrooms, each with queen sized beds ready for the occupants who are being refreshed throughout their stay.

Anyone attending the dedication or viewing the Cabin on Dec. 8th during the times mentioned should carefully follow the signs posted along Shrine Drive. Our desire is that you can come join us and have a safe and enjoyable visit as you see the Shrine of St. Therese's latest feature, The Little Way Cabin. For more information, contact the Shrine Business or reservations office at (907) 780-6112.

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