Utter contempt

Posted: Wednesday, December 05, 2001

A letter from Charles Cardwell asks "Why attack Shanti?" The final paragraph of the following letter, from Shanti Executive Director Eileen Wilson, clearly answers that question.

Ms. Wilson defends her group's presentation in Juneau public middle schools, and lists as one of the day's accomplishments "educating ... the ones who, unfortunately, may never get to talk about and ask ... questions at home because their parents are too 'politically and socially conservative' to bring it up."

It is amazing, and quite frankly a little scary, to read - in their own words - that Shanti and Ms. Wilson feel they are entitled to impose their opinions on controversial issues to children, contrary to the beliefs or wishes of the parents of many of the children they are targeting.

How dare Shanti believe it has the right to march into our public schools and in essence tell a captive audience of young people: "We know better than your parents?"

Each year in the United States jobs for engineers and scientific professionals must be filled by immigrants on fast-track visas because no qualified domestic graduates can be found. Juneau's public schools should concentrate on actual teaching, instead of opening their doors to arrogant, cynical fringe social organizations who - by their own admission - hold the values, morals and beliefs of many Juneau parents in utter contempt.

Richard Schmitz


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