Alaska editorial: A little foggy in Juneau

Posted: Thursday, December 05, 2002

This Voice of the Times editorial was published in today's Anchorage Daily News:

Those people who supported a proposal to move legislative meetings to the Mat-Su, only to see the plan defeated in last month's election, probably are enjoying something of a last laugh.

The campaign to defeat the measure was led by Juneau's economic elite, who poured huge amounts of money - as they do every time such a plan arises - into convincing voters that access to the capital city is now an easy, no-hitch deal.

Right. Then came Monday's inauguration ceremonies at which Frank Murkowski was sworn in as governor and Loren Leman took the oath of office as lieutenant governor.

Then came the fog. Days of fog. Morning, noon and nighttime fog.

Murkowski already was in Juneau. No problem. Leman wound up stranded in Sitka, and almost missed the inaugural. He finally got there by helicopter, at the last minute.

Dozens of others, trying to reach Juneau, were stranded in Sitka. Dozens and dozens more had to cancel trips to Juneau from Seattle, Ketchikan and Anchorage when they were told no jet flights were making it through the fog.

The problem is not new. The problem is old.

And despite new whiz-bang avionics advancements, there are times when Juneau is socked in. Big time.

Like on inaugural day.

And like other times when the Legislature is session.

Another vote, anyone?

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