Is gay marriage a threat?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, December 05, 2003

I am writing this letter because of a recent issue that has been bothering me. I'll start out by asking the readers a question.

How many of you really think homosexuality is evil and wrong? And how many of you think gay marriage is wrong? I am not homosexual, but I have a few friends that are and I have seen how they have been affected by these recent arguments on gay marriage. Even though gay marriage goes against some of my religious beliefs, I still think that as long as homosexual people have "partners" then they should also be allowed to have "spouses." But this isn't the whole problem. It is the cruel talk that goes along with it.

I am all for free speech - without it I wouldn't be able to write this letter. I am pretty open to other people's opinions and I can agree with some of them. But I think it goes way too far when someone calls in on a radio show and says mean things about homosexuals. For example, I was listening to the radio one day (when I was going to school) and I heard someone say, "If gays can have rights, why can't my dogs?" I have a pet and I love it, but it's a terrible comparison to make against a human being.

When I hear this I think, "Why is it our business what other people do, as long as it isn't a danger to us physically and mentally?" And is gay marriage a threat to us? Is it going to kill us? I think not. And that is my main point.

I have talked to many students on this issue. And almost all of them tend to agree with me. One of my friends started a petition (on allowing gay marriage) asking for people's support and when I signed it, I definitely saw a full page of signatures. I think that our youth should speak up on this issue because who knows? It could deeply restrict someone in the future because they had "no say."

Something that should be done is a poll, even though it may not change anything. We can still see how many people really feel about this controversial issue. It could be a school poll, or maybe one that the paper could do. Voices need to be heard!

Ellie Sica

Juneau-Douglas High School student

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