A fine young man

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, December 05, 2004

Oct. 6 to 13, I had an opportunity to hunt with Chad Carson, his Mom, Kathy, and my wife. A hunting camp allows folks to get to know people in settings very removed from the normal humdrum of town.

Through this week I got to see the discipline that a 15-year-old man had in holding up his end of a hunting camp: chores, wood boats cooking; all life skills including being a responsible woodsman and hunter. I have co-led the Juneau 4-H Outdoor Skills Club for 15 years and have worked with many young men. I noticed that the Juneau Empire highlighted this young man's defeat in a wrestling tournament in Sunday's paper (Empire photo, Nov. 28).

I am 51 years old and I feel that Chad deserves better than this.

I for one applaud his being in this tournament with a bad knee and being diligent to represent Juneau not just in wrestling but as an outstanding young man for his generation by modeling his skills of kindness, thoughtfulness and being one damn good outdoorsman.

Juneau needs more young men of Chad Carson's caliber and I for one am proud of him.

Ken Coate


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