Corruption spreads

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, December 05, 2005

You can't open a state or national paper these days without reading about the Republican culture of corruption.

Republican Ben Stevens is on the hook for fishy failures to disclose. Republican John Harris is caught spending his money to elect Republican friends. Republican Frank Murkowski fires those who dare to challenge Big Oil's seniority over Alaskans' interests in our gas line. Nationally, Republican Tom DeLay faces criminal charges for bribery, and President Bush's Republican employees and friends face criminal charges for their cover-up of the alleged high crime of treason.

To recap: The Republican president of the Alaska Senate, the Republican speaker of the Alaska House, the Republican governor of Alaska, the Republican majority leader of the U.S. House, and two of the president's closest advisers are mired in scandal.

Alaskans can do better. America can be better. Think about it in the next election.

Moira Smith


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