Outlaw all marriage

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The recent flap about married families' health insurance benefits being paid for by singles, gays and lesbians has centered on if marriage should be strictly heterosexual. This is a red herring. The simplest way to ensure equal protection and coverage for all is to criminalize marriage.

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Let's face it: Today's secular society has lost touch with marriage's historic sacred role as a property transaction. We no longer force children into loveless arranged marriages to increase our family fortunes like the "good old days." We no longer expect people to stay in abusive marriages for the marriage's sake. If marriage is so sacred, why are people "committed" to this "institution"? And why are the government and scores of lawyers so involved in its minutiae? There's a better phrase than "sacred institution" for marriage today: tax fraud.

As a 100 percent heterosexual single living in love with his girlfriend, I feel it's my duty to speak up for folks who don't buy into the marriage scam. We don't need a priest and judge to tell us that our love and dedication are legitimate. We don't have scores of officially sanctioned documents to prove this; that's about who we are, not our relationship.

We all want innocent children of loving parents to receive the best health care possible. Sexual preference doesn't make individuals better or worse parents. Marriage equals successful family? That sounds fascistic to me. I eagerly look forward to the day when marriage is outlawed, and only outlaws marry.

Rob Dinneford


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