Constitution of privacy needs change

Posted: Wednesday, December 05, 2007

When it comes to the welfare of our children, we parents are the ones who know them best and have to deal with them in sickness and health. We know their allergies. Planned Parenthood does not.

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We know how their body ticks. Planned Parenthood does not. We know that our children will not take the medicines as prescribed on their own. Planned Parenthood just gives the medications for birth control and does not check to make sure the teenager is taking the medication.

Planned Parenthood does not check with the teenager's physician to see if this medication is appropriate for that child. If our teenager does get pregnant we may be mad for a little while but when we get past the shock then we are there for her. It is more emotionally devastating for a child to go through an abortion than it is for that child to have the baby.

If Planned Parenthood gives your child medication without your knowledge and they have an allergic reaction, who is the one who has to deal with it? Not Planned Parenthood.

We the parents take them to the emergency room. The doctor asks if our child is on medications, and we say no because we were not informed about any medications from Planned Parenthood. Anaphylactic shock can happen at any age. We are also responsible for the medical bill. Does that sound fair? Do you want government to be in charge of your child or do you think you are more qualified to be in charge?

Erin Ahrens

Mother of three girls


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