North Pole man rescued from house fire suffers frostbite

Posted: Friday, December 05, 2008

FAIRBANKS - Two people were rescued from a second floor balcony after a North Pole home caught fire in temperatures approaching 30 degrees below zero.

One of the people rescued suffered frostbitten feet.

James Iler, 44, froze his feet waiting for firefighters to rescue him from a second-story balcony. His wife, Renee, says he was wearing only socks.

When firefighters arrived at the home on Tuesday evening, it was in flames and there was heavy black smoke. Damage to the building was minor with mostly smoke damage.

Renee Iler says radiant heat from a wood stove ignited a broken, plastic vacuum cleaner that had been placed too close to the stove.

She says her husband will be in Fairbanks Memorial Hospital for at least a week.

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