Tax cuts at the top must be done away with

Posted: Sunday, December 05, 2010

Many of the debates our Congress holds seem out of touch with the priorities of American people. The debate over the extension of Bush-era tax cuts takes the absurdity of our Congress to a new level. It is difficult to imagine a more straightforward issue. Our country is deep in debt; politicians are scrambling to cut spending wherever they can get away with it. Ending the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans would save $700 billion over the next 10 years. Shouldn't this be in the interest of any lawmaker who is serious about decreasing our deficit?

Some argue the tax cuts are necessary for our country's economic growth. If that were the case, then why has our economy faltered so significantly in the 10 years since the tax cuts have been in place? Trickle-down economics simply do not work. This is yet another clear case of Republican lawmakers putting the priorities of their rich friends over those of the American people. While preserving the cuts for the middle class (the people who are actually hurting in this recession) makes perfect sense, tax cuts for the rich must be done away with.

Ben Robinson


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