Library land deal

Posted: Thursday, December 06, 2001

Did anyone else miss the Assembly meeting and decision Monday evening to de-appropriate funds to purchase land from Faith Lutheran and a private landowner for a city library or other public purpose? So what does this mean? It means the present Assembly is reversing two prior Assembly decisions to acquire land in the Valley for a library, be it the original 3 acres in Dimond Park or this present 2.6-acre purchase. I think this decision Monday evening was a bad decision.

This third public library has been in search of a permanent home since 1983. The present temporary home of this library in the Mendenhall Mall costs all of us more than $13,000 in rent every month or more than $300,000 down the drain every two years. Yet Assembly member Dale Anderson, in apparent justification of his vote to take back the $430,000 for this purchase, said that it was his responsibility to spend the people's money wisely and that purchasing land is not a good use of resources. I don't agree that renting property for the public purpose of a library is money wisely spent when we've already been taxed (part of our sales tax) for a permanent home for this library.

I request that everyone contact Assembly members and urge them to do the right thing, upon reconsideration of their Monday decision, and purchase this land for the express purpose of a permanent, stand-alone home for our third public library building. Eighteen years is long enough to wait. Any other decision continues to throw away our money every month and gives poor service to all of us and to Valley residents especially.

Jesse Walters


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