Keep Celebration in SE

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, December 06, 2004

Regarding Celebration: What the Sealaska organization needs to remember is that Sealaska stands for Southeast Alaska Native Organization. It should stay in Southeast - Juneau is the most likely place, due to the shopping and easy access for Southeast Natives to travel to. They need to remember how the Celebration started - once again, by Southeast Native communities. It is all right to "invite" others to this event but only to a limited number of other groups. Get back to basics. Get back to Southeast. There are other events that do what the Celebration does. If people want to see these other dance groups, then go to Seattle, or all the other places down South that give big events and have the facilities to do so.

If this goes to Anchorage (the only other place where this large of event could happen) then it won't be a Southeast event anymore. Our local groups wouldn't be able to travel there. There would be no "Celebration!" And as a Sealaska shareholder, I would be very angry for "my" organization spending money on an event that I or others are not able to attend or participate.

Bernice Hansen


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