Benefits ruling is the right call

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Regarding the recent unanimous ruling by the Alaska Supreme Court that extends health and other job-related benefits to same-sex domestic partners: I would like to remind everyone that this is an employment equality issue.

It is not a "constitutional crisis" that needs to be fixed; it is not about religion; and it is not about marriage and whether someone wants to marry their daughter, or a goat, dog, or any of the other zingers those opposed to my very existence in this world come up with, as Sen. Dyson puts it. (I don't understand these people. Do they think that making life as difficult for us as possible; we will somehow become something we are not?)

This ruling has everything to do with equity in the workplace.

As a 20-plus employee in the public sector, I applaud the court for this ruling. It is not only fair, but it is also the correct decision. It has been difficult all these years to work side by side with my co-workers who receive more compensation than I do by virtue of their marital status alone. I'm tired of being treated like a second-class citizen. I have a "spouse" I would like to be able to provide for just as they can and do for their families. Please allow this ruling to stand.

Remember, it is about equal pay for equal work, nothing more and nothing less.

Jennine Williamson


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