Employees union should have listened

Posted: Thursday, December 06, 2007

The means by which your state workers are required to belong to a union (Alaska State Employees Association) that not only dismisses our opinions, but openly prosecutes those of us who stood up to speak out against their views during the only time it is allowed, open contract negotiations, is so anti-American, it is hard to believe that our proud state allows it. Oops, I forgot, corruption has diminished our pride - and I wonder if there is a correlation here.

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America, a land of free speech and free choice, could not be any worse exemplified than by a state government that allows a dictating union from being forced to earn its keep by vote.

They are not required to get a vote of confidence, they are not required to allow those who do not want their representation to find another source, they are all powerful, and nothing can be done to change that. Instead, they get free dues from everyone, friend and foe, and can then remove those who have opposed them, taking their rights and their vote and any future opportunity to change the organization from within.

I could have negotiated a better contract without their help, and seriously question their motivation for everything they do and especially that which they fail to do.

Bob Hunsick


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