Beaver meat is quite delicious

Posted: Friday, December 07, 2007

In response to Rayda Renshaw's letter on Nov. 28, beaver meat is actually quite delicious, and with little effort, you can find more than a few traditional recipes as well as some modern ones. I recall some tasty recipes printed in Fur, Fish and Game magazine within the last few years. Muskrat meat will also work as a ready substitute.

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Trapping license: $15.

Obtaining one dozen 330 conibear traps via mail order (these traps when properly set are more humane than a bullet): $170.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game and or the Forest Service "allowing" a traditional activity that would accommodate modern non-consumptive uses and users to take place in urban areas: a costly political nightmare hardly worth the fight.

Daydreaming of a simpler time before restrictions were foisted upon the land and all of its inhabitants, wearing a luxurious sheared beaver-lined vest, admiring the bead work on a new pair of beaver trimmed moccasins, enjoying roasted beaver tenderloin with rosemary sprigs, new potatoes from the garden and a fiddlehead salad: priceless.

David Sanden


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