The feds needs to look at electric company

Posted: Friday, December 07, 2007

As I pull up to a parts store I see an Alaska Electric Light & Power full-size pickup sitting out front running, lights on, nobody inside. As I go to the front counter to do business, there is a person leaning against the counter talking to people coming and going.

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After I do my business, I leave and yet the person is still leaning on the counter, still talking while his full size truck sits outside running. Now I don't know this person's job title, but as I stood at the counter doing business, I kind of thought what this person's business was? It didn't seem to be one of get the parts and get to work, but one of lean and talk.

Why do meter maids and those who put tags on people's doors for being late on payment need to drive four-wheel-drive gas guzzlers? My front-wheel-drive with snow tires cost me $14,500 and gets 34 miles per gallon. And not once did I need a four-by-four to get around last winter.

The federal government needs to look at this company for price gouging. When we need the electricity most they raise the price.

Doug Cooper


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