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Posted: Friday, December 07, 2007

I for one am against the idea of mandatory inclusion in a city-run recycling center. I already recycle everything possible. I have reduced our household landfill from three trash cans a week to one every other week.

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What we put in the landfill is cat litter, dog poop and scrap foods. I would like to know why I should pay more for something I already pay for through our monthly water/sewer bill. Is it because some in this town are lazy and don't care or is it because it's another way the city can generate revenue for projects that aren't needed. An example is the new high school, with its ever growing add-ons and continued reduced enrollments. Don't get me wrong, we need to do something about the waste we're generating.

I would rather see the following happen. First, we need a 5 cent deposit on all glass, aluminum and tin cans sold in town. This way it's not only homeowners participating in and paying for recycling. Those too lazy to return the items for their deposit lose it. Wow, a new revenue source.

Second, the city sets up a number of fenced-in areas for composting table scraps - no bears or birds and a source of safe rich fertilizer for use wherever needed. They chip Christmas trees, don't they?

Third, Arrow Refuse and Waste Management should allow businesses to use the recycling center free of charge (last time I checked, they did not).

Fourth, allow Arrow to charge more for picking up landfill waste. Waste's not picked up at curbside, such as building materials, stumps and furnishings, are charged at the current rate.

Rich Young


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