Wolf pack kills again, this time in Two Rivers

Wildlife officials believe same animals responsible for two other dog kills

Posted: Friday, December 07, 2007

FARIBANKS - A wolf pack is being blamed for the death of another dog, this time in Two Rivers.

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Bill Blizzard said he discovered his 11-year-old Labrador/Chesapeake Bay retriever mix, Chesie, missing late Tuesday afternoon when he went to feed his three dogs, chained up about 200 feet from his home.

"All there was was a couple chunks of collar sitting on top of three or four pieces of intestine," Blizzard said of what remained of his 70-pound pet.

"Everything is gone. It looks like they ate her right there."

Chesie's two siblings, Buster and Banjo, who were chained up in the same area, weren't touched and didn't bark.

"They didn't make a sound," Blizzard said. "How do they eat a dog with two other dogs in the yard and you don't hear nothing? That's how quiet they were."

State wildlife officials suspect it's the same pack of wolves that have been roaming the area for more than a month and have eaten at least two other dogs, one at 19.5 Mile Chena Hot Springs Road on Nov. 23 and one in North Pole on Oct. 31.

The wolves have also been spotted several times by residents living along the first 20 miles of Chena Hot Springs Road; the latest incident was at mile 16.5.

Blizzard reported the incident to the Department of Fish and Game but spokeswoman Cathie Harms said there's little the department can do because the wolves are gone by the time anyone gets there. Besides, no one knows where the pack might strike next.

"The chances of us being in the right place at the right time in the hundreds of square miles this wolf pack roams is near impossible," Harms said. "The people that are going to have a chance to take action are the people that live there."

Residents were advised to take precautions by keeping their pets in a fenced-in area or inside a house or building.

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