Keep hazers on wrestling team

Posted: Sunday, December 07, 2008

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer ... Actually, for the Juneau-Douglas High School wrestling team, it seems that hazing happens in the fall. That's when wrestling mania takes hold. I'm a big wrestling fan. Bring on the pay-per-view professional dudes all pumped up on steroids, and I'll be there. So it bugs me that some overly protective parents want kids thrown off the team for playful pranks.

Like wrestling head coach Bob Cox told the Empire, once the kids took responsibility, they needed to be back on the team. I don't know why Principal Bernie Sorenson doesn't believe the kids will behave themselves, or why she thinks Cox can't control them. She just over-reacted when she told the Empire she would send her husband along on the next wrestling team trip as an extra chaperone.

Besides, those kids who got frostbitten hands and welts from paddling weren't forced to go along, were they? If they can't put up with a little peer pressure, maybe they're the ones who don't belong on the team. Wrestling requires mental toughness. If they gave in to that kind of pressure, what's next?

On the other hand, the older kids who put the younger ones through this wrestling rite of passage deserve to be on the team. If they did this to their own teammates, just think what they'll do to their opponents. They'll rip 'em apart. We want kids like that on JDHS teams.

Dean Guaneli


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