Crippled ship due today at Dutch Harbor

Posted: Tuesday, December 07, 2010

ANCHORAGE - A disabled cargo ship being towed in Alaska waters is close to Dutch Harbor, expected to arrive for repairs at midday Tuesday.

Coast Guard Petty Officer David Mosley in Anchorage says the Golden Seas was about 15 miles south of Unalaska Island - where the Aleutian Island port is located - on Monday evening. But it still must travel around the island to the northeast corner to reach its destination.

Instead of the 29-foot waves and 45 mph winds that battered the ship days ago, it's now facing 10-foot seas and 25 mph winds.

The 738-foot ship with a crew of 20 and a cargo of canola seed lost some power Friday in the Bering Sea and started drifting. The ship has nearly a half-million gallons of fuel oil aboard. Mosley says no pollution has been reported.

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