Outside consultant's actions are arrogant


Posted: Friday, December 08, 2000

Who is surprised that some arrogant outside consultant is threatening to use federal law enforcement officers to prevent tape recording of open meetings attended by public employees and representatives of industry engaged in addressing matters of public interest to residents? From her statements and behavior it appears Washington mediator-consultant Lois Schwennesen thinks Alaska is a third world country.

It is understood that from 1867 to 1884 Alaska lacked a civil government and was nothing more than real estate belonging to the United States. The Organic Act of 1884 brought civil government to the region then established as the District of Alaska. Since then we have enjoyed having a governor and legislature with members who, since statehood in 1959, have even been elected by the people of Alaska. Open meetings advocate Hugh Malone was one of those elected officials, who also served in high level state government positions under a previous governor.

Additionally, the City and Borough of Juneau is an entity established under state law, run by a manager and city attorney who appear to have forgotten they serve for the good of the people. City Manager Dave Palmer probably doesn't care that a lot has happened in the last century or so in Alaska, or that the consultant's offensive actions reflect upon him when she in effect declares herself in public meetings to be supreme ruler. (This is hearsay, of course, because it couldn't be recorded).

Some of us Alaskans who have lived here a while are familiar with the phenomenon of self-important, recently arrived outsiders, who are here to protect us from ourselves with some program they control. We've seen them come and go, sometimes contributing something of value, but usually taking more than they had to offer. In fact there have been a whole lot of those kind of people going back to when Alaska was the property of Russia. Fortunately for Ms. Schwennesen, since becoming civilized just before she arrived, we Alaskans don't use tar and feathers anymore when we dispatch such charlatans.

Donn Liston


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