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Posted: Sunday, December 08, 2002

Oooooh! Shocking news! "Unemployment rate unexpectedly surges" was the lead in an article in the Empire on Friday. What could cause that? Not American companies going overseas to employ third world laborers at less than subsistence wages. Maybe U.S. corporations selling out their own country to make bigger profits by employing people who live under dictators in countries where unions are outlawed? How about American companies promising to go south of the border if their employees' union asks for a raise? Nah, that couldn't be, could it?

Funny how many of these corporate entities finance the political campaigns of our congressmen and presidents and how our standard of living, at least for the average American, has been going down hill for 20 years. But, we can still afford to buy clothes made in overseas sweatshops. Welcome to the new world order of plutocracy and imperialism. Don't be gloomy. There are always jobs in the new professional, imperial army, and the perks are good if you don't get shot while fighting to keep the "free" markets open so that the political investors can continue getting the returns they are counting on.

Lisle Hebert


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